Steve Lobley

Therapist, Coach and Speaker

Please don't worry you are not alone!

We are back doing face-to-face sessions at Tillow Barn

If you can't get to Tillow Barn we still offer sessions on Zoom

Steve has had a life long obsession with the human mind and the possibilities of imagination

This ongoing journey has taken Steve literally around the world and to the deepest recesses of not only his own mind but also to that of his clients

But it's the question of what is "happiness" and how do we achieve it that occupies Steve's research now

Using his training in Life Coaching, NLP, Clincal Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and decades of practical experience has led to this point. Steve has combined his knowledge, skill and experience into what he calls

"The Imaginology way" 

Could this hold the answers you have been seeking?

Steve as added Mindscaping to his tool kit and having awesome results!

Coach and Therapist

Need some guidance or help?

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Steve loves the opportunity to share his passion for life! It also means he can impact many lives at the same time.


The true route to Happiness is a balanced Mind and Body

There are many things that can get in the way of true happiness; this is where Steve can play a part. The area that needs help could simply be slowing down your progress or life crippling

Steve genuinely believes everyone should be "HAPPY" and live a life they both desire and deserve

The only way to know if "The Imaginology Way" is for you is to contact Steve 

We believe everyone has the mental resources to make positive change

However modern day life can be so distracting

through coaching and therapy Steve can be your guide 

Steve can help you achieve the life you both desire and deserve


"Mindscaping! I'm mind blown!"

Charles. W.

"I feel alive again! This was against all the odds! Thanks Steve X"

Mrs. T.B.

"Only two sessions? Amazing"